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Sales Conversion


Highly Qualified Leads


Optimisation in Ad Spends

Here's why you should choose Google Ads

If you are not doing Google ads, this is For You


91% People Buy via Google as Compared to Other Channels

Unlike entertainment-focused casual browsing platforms like YouTube and Instagram, Google is the go-to choice for 91% of purchase-ready consumers, offering a direct channel to an audience actively seeking to buy.


Top 3% High-Intent Buyers

Your customer is searching for your product on Google. With over 63,000 searches every second on Google, you directly connect with a large, high-intent customer base seeking your products at the moment.


Targeted Ads Based on Profile

When you use Google to explore services, reading blogs and watching review videos, or even navigate using Maps, each interaction across Chrome, Safari, IE, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Maps crafts your digital profile. This profile reflects your choices, preferences, and needs, shaping your unique digital footprint. With Google, you get to target specific audience for ads.


Massive Market Reach

Leverage Google's commanding 92% search market share to significantly enhance your brand's visibility and recognition, a strategic move for any Business Owner, CEO, CMO, or marketing executive looking to dominate the competitive landscape and capture a vast audience.

If You Think Doing Google Ads Manually is Simple, Think Again!

With AI Driven Google Ads Marketing, You Will Never Face These Issues  

Poorly Executed Google ads Attract High Ad Spends 

Ask your team for CPC, with AI you can get way lower CPC than current ads.

Poor Quality Campaigns Push the Prospects Away

Check the quality scores of your keywords with your team.

Spray and Pray approach? 60% of your Ad spends are Wasted

Without precision in targeting, low-intent prospects click on your Ads eating into your Ad budget. Check the CTR & Conversion percentage.

Google May Not Take Your Page on Top  

Is your page speed above 90%? Check with your team. Page score impacts overall ads visibility to every user searching for your product or service on google. 

User Experience Matters Way More Than You Think

How many landing pages your team makes? For same product, you need different landing pages created from the perspective of age, gender, location, intent, interests, etc.

You are Likely Losing 60% of Your Ad Spends!

Without precision in targeting, low-intent prospects clicks on your Ads eating into your Ad budget. Check the CTR & Conversion percentage.

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Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to Boost your Sales

To get you the right customer, your team can't work on 200+ Google Ad parameters 24 x 7. No human can. But for artificial intelligence, it's a cake walk. AI works with ever increasing precision to get you Highly Qualified Business Leads.

The Impact with
AI-Driven Google Ads

Few Case Studies of Businesses That Have Grown with AI-Driven Google Ads

TATA Technologies

12.31 CTR (2.20 CTR Industry Std.)
5.49 Conversion Ratio (3.39 Industry Std.)
106,100 Impressions

Helped them navigate which courses are needed in market the most.

Levitate Elevators

18.79 CTR (2.55 CTR Industry Std.)
5,118 Impressions

Helped them bring down ad spends by identifying unique keywords for ads. 


16.96 CTR (1.79 CTR Industry Std.)
7.66 Conversion Ratio (3.36 Industry Std.)
8,658 Impressions

We helped them double their business.

Alive Ventures

9.62 CTR (1.40 CTR Industry Std.)
6,007 Impressions

Helped them acquire new business vertical with Epoxy Paint. 
Landed them huge clients like Godrej for Cool Roof coating.

Elcom International

7.31 CTR (1.40 CTR Industry Std.)
23,423 Impressions

Helped them acquire market in 2 new countries.

KGK International

9.85 CTR (2.55 CTR Industry Std.)
8,336 Impressions

Helped them to study market needs in new countries.
TOP REASONS to join us

Why choose AI Powered Google Ads for Your Business?

5-8X More than avg CTR

Boost Your Sales Conversion

Our AI identifies and shows Ads only to the high intent searches. Further, our AI makes these Ads contextual by using the words from the earch term used. This results in highest CTR and lowest CPC

100% Qualified Leads

Reduced Sales Cycles

Connect directly with high-potential prospects and get detailed buying intent. Replace your “requirement discovery call” with “solution selling call"

Real-time Variations

Insights on Buying Intent of Every Lead!

We capture Google search-typed keywords by the users and create unlimited landing pages on the fly; based on the keywords, along with Q&A

24 x 7 Performance & Prediction

24/7 Lead Generation

Optimize your business with our AI engine, ensuring cost-effective clicks, increased click-through rates, and improved landing page conversions. Experience 24/7 precision for consistently outstanding results.

100% Transparency

100% Sales Transparency

Gain total control with real-time lead data and campaign insights. 100% grip on the business.

90% Savings with AI

90% Reduction in Ad Waste

Around 50% of digital marketing spends are wasted due to poor targeting. With precision in targeting, the Al helps you to reduce upto 90% of the Ad spends wastage

Want to Reduce Your Expenses for Advertising Straight by 90%?

Get in touch with us and increase your Top-Line and Bottom-Line with excellent Lead conversion

How to get started?


You Select a Subscription Plan

Once you connect with us, we will share the ROI driven subscription plans for you to choose from.


We Execute Your Google Ads with AI

Your google ads account can stay as it is, we will run ads from our account with AI.


You Get Highly Qualified Exclusive Leads in
Real Time

Get detailed information about your prospects in real time.

AI Portal Trusted by More Than 100+ Clients

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Are You Not Running Google ads?


Not Sure What People Search on Google When They Think of Your Brand?

You have still come to the right place! Get market inclination for your products and services and understand what people look for, before you start your google ads.

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What Our Clients Say About AI Drive Google Ads

Levitate Elevators

Gaurav Naik

Director-Levitate Elevators

Contextual marketing increased genuine leads

"We were selling elevators in a market where people call it a lift. Hence when we tried using IndiaMart’s services to sell the prospects were very vague (different requirement, another cities, etc.) and we never made any conversions. Inaiways not only helped us do market research to find out what our potential customers are looking for, but it also generated genuine prospects for us.


Hrishikesh Kute

CEO, vGoldenage

Our business doubled in 5 months!

"In just 6 months, we went from no admissions to full occupancy. Thanks to the intelligent marketing by Inaiways. Today we have so many incoming requests & a huge waiting list along with their preference that we are expanding by opening a new center.

Boost Your Sales Performance

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100% Transparency

We have everything automated and logged, this makes it transparent.

200+ Google Ads Parameters Captured

Your ads will capture 200+ Google Ads parameters with our AI engine to showcase ads to the targeted persona at an affordable price.

100% AI Automated

Our AI works 24x7 to give you and your team an enhanced experience of running your business. This enables you to give your 100% to your customers.

100% Futuristic

We are ahead of the times when it comes to AI driven digital marketing and AI productivity tools. Artificial Intelligence IS the future!