We bridge the gap between vision & execution with AI driven interlinked products


Inaiways Technology is an artificial intelligence-based business productivity suite company helping businesses to bridge the gap between Vision & Execution by optimizing various business processes through multiple interlinked products to grow sales volumes and increase profit margins.

“Business Studio”, the platform created by Inaiways Technology, is the only platform that interlinks functions of marketing, sales, delivery, and customer success.

Through its multiple products for various business systems, it auto-generates business intelligence in real-time from every single digital interaction of any stakeholder (website visitors, leads, customers, sales team, delivery team, and customer success team) with any digital property (online Ads, landing pages, CRM, emails, messages, workflow software etc.) and auto implements the learnings on all digital properties simultaneously - in real-time - to improve targeting of Ads, restructuring of webpages, input on CRM to sales team, customised workflow for each customer, etc.


$ Three pillars of Inaiways Technology

Empathy – We deeply understand & feel the core pain-points not only of our clients but also of their end-customers. Hence each of our products solves the most pressing pain-points of any business owner, of their customers, and have measurable ROI associated with it.

User Experience Design – We design products for humans rather than just focusing on automating any business process. Technology is our passion, but we don’t expect our clients, their employees, and customers to share that passion. We want them to use it to their advantage. Hence, we design the products keeping in mind how a typical person would like to use it and find it easy to do so

Artificial Intelligence – Businesses fail to optimize processes & increase outcomes because of the “Skill – Will” Issue. Failure to have the right person do the job is the “Skill” issue while not complying to the processes is the “Will” issue. Artificial Intelligence helps employees by giving ready-to-use intelligence to complement their Skills & / or automating mundane manual processes to resolve the “Will” issue.

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100% Transparency 

We have everything automated and logged, this makes it transparent. 

100% Money back guarantee

We believe in giving the best output to all our customers. If at all you do not find it worthy, you get your money back, no questions asked.

100% AI Automated

Our AI works 24x7 to give you and your team an enhanced experience of running your business. This enables  you to give your 100% to your customers. 

100% Futuristic

We are ahead of the times when it comes to AI driven digital marketing and AI productivity tools. Artificial Intelligence IS the future!

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