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AI Portal for

Lead Generation

Don’t settle just for contact details of a lead. Capture the Lead’s buying intent, fears, and desires & boost your sales.

Understanding lead details like location of lead, search keywords etc

Get to know the entire buying intent of leads! From now onwards, let your sales team speak only with highly qualified and exclusive prospects. With better customer interaction, even if your team converts 25% of highly qualified leads monthly, you'll see the boost in ROI of your Business instantly.

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AI Productivity Suite
for your Business

These products are suitable for every kind of an enterprise - right from small - Micro Businesses to Large MNCs. Show interest in any of our products and we will reach out to you with a special gift: “an early-bird discount”!

SETTING A New Standard

AI Portal
trusted by our delighted

Tata technologies
Deccan Wheels
Levitate Elevators
Experts Edge
Synergetic reliable advisor
Alive Ventures
DPU Hospital

What Our Clients Say About

Levitate Elevators

Gaurav Naik

Director-Levitate Elevators

Contextual marketing increased genuine leads

”We were selling elevators in a market where people call it a lift. Hence when we tried using IndiaMart’s services to sell the leads were very vague (different requirement, another cities, etc.) and we never made any conversions. Inaiways not only helped us do market research to find out what our potential customers are looking for, but it also generated genuine leads for us.


Hrishikesh Kute

CEO, vGoldenage

Our business doubled in 5 months!

“In just 6 months, we went from no admissions to full occupancy. Thanks to the intelligent marketing by Inaiways. Today we have so many incoming requests & a huge waiting list along with their preference that we are expanding by opening a new center.

Increase your Top Line & Bottom Line by connecting with us

Reduce your expenses for advertising straight by 90%


You will be redirected to the AI driven Lead Generation questionnaire

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100% Transparency

We have everything automated and logged, this makes it transparent.

200+ Google Ads Parameters Captured

Your ads will capture 200+ Google Ads parameters with our AI engine to showcase ads to the targeted persona at an affordable price.

100% AI Automated

Our AI works 24x7 to give you and your team an enhanced experience of running your business. This enables you to give your 100% to your customers.

100% Futuristic

We are ahead of the times when it comes to AI driven digital marketing and AI productivity tools. Artificial Intelligence IS the future!

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